The head coach of the national team of Russia on hockey Oleg Znarok

© Sergey Bobylev/TASS

MOSCOW, December 16. /TASS/. The Russian hockey players could not be configured properly for the match of First channel Cup with team Canada. The journalists said the chief coach of Russia Oleg Znarok.

The Russians beat the Canadians with the account 2:0, scoring both goals in the third period. The team Canada in the tournament are players mainly from the Continental hockey League.

“I don’t know why, but shockingly played the first period. Apparently, there was a clear nedostroi. Then in the locker room talked. The second period was better, the third was played more or less our game,” said Znarok.

In the first period to the end of the game for the attack from behind was removed forward of the Russian team Vadim Shipachev . “I can’t comment on the refereeing – I haven’t seen, but if it’s delete from Sipacheva, it is not very good, because you can’t do that, especially when playing five-on-four, – the trainer noted.

In the match Russia – Canada set a new attendance record “VTB the Ice Palace” – 12680. “Great support from the stands. Playing at home, psychologically-tuned, platform driven. Guys, especially in the first period, was very nervous,” added the coach.

According to snarky, he didn’t have any emotions in connection with the victory over the Canadians, which became the first specialist in his work with the national team of Russia. “We have Olympic team at their tournament in Sochi was defeated”, he stressed. The Olympic team of Russia under the leadership of Oleg Bratash beat the canadian team with the score 3:2 in the match of pre-season Hockey tournament Sochi Open on 7 August.